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Sustainable Tourism

We work to minimise our impact on the local and environment and encourage our guests to do the same.

Today, sustainability and environmentalism have become more important than ever as the scientific consensus strongly indicates human causes are behind climate change. In the tourism industry there is movement towards an increasing number of socially aware consumers who look out for businesses who market themselves as being ‘green’ as we see a growth in Sustainable Tourism. While we welcome this trend at Moss Wood, we have always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Today we are more environmentally friendly than we have ever been – but we are always looking to improve.

Despite today’s consensus however, it was not always clear exactly what was meant to be ‘sustainable’. At Moss Wood we have adopted the definition as laid out by the Brunland Commission of the United Nations in March 1987: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This guides us today and forms the headline to our Environmental and Sustainability Policy.

To follow these principles, we work hard to minimise our impact on the local environment. For example, rain water is collected from buildings and used where fresh water isn’t necessary. Water and electricity usage is metered across the site and monitored to enable us to quickly flag up and fix any leaks or other problems causing unnecessary wastage. Recycling bins are used for waste and recycled paper is used in the office.

Landscape work done on site is always done with local wildlife in mind. Trees and hedges are only cut at the times of year least likely to disturb wildlife, and a strip at the bottom of the hedgerows are always left untouched to protect vulnerable habitats. Areas of grass are allowed to grow free with no interference and locally sourced native plant species are planted, all to encourage the growth of natural wildlife.

Sustainable Tourism – 2016

Environment and Sustainability Bee Monitoring

In 2016, we have focused on bumblebees and other pollinators in our planting strategy. With a range of native plants brought in, Moss Wood can now cater for this vital part of the ecosystem from the early to the late season thanks to a natural mix of plants which produce pollen at different times of the year. As part of our sustainability work with pollinators, we monitor the bumblebee population on site with monthly bee surveys which are used as part of a national monitoring scheme run by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Coming for 2017…

Throughout the 2017 season we will be running a wildlife survey, and inviting all our guests to join in! The aim is to introduce our visitors to the range of furry friends (and feathered, and spiky, and so on!) we have living around the site. It should be a fascinating experience for everyone involved, and we can pass on our lessons in how to look after natural habitats for wildlife. It means that we can continue to give wildlife the best home we can here at Moss Wood – and maybe we can help pass on some tips to how you can make your garden at home more wildlife friendly!

We always welcome input into our drive towards truly sustainable tourism, so please get in touch with any ideas you think we might try out, by emailing

If you like our ethos, perhaps you would be interested in seeing whether we have any static caravans for sale which might suit you?

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