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Moss Wood Caravan Park, Crimbles Lane, Cockerham LA2 0ES
Enquiries: 01524 791041

Green Visitor Charter

A hideaway heaven for tourers, motorhomes and for owning a luxury caravan holiday home

Green Visitor CharterWorking together to keep our corner of the countryside beautiful for the Next Generations.
  • Stay local, buy local, see local or Enjoy being a local
    • Explore all that our area has to offer. Visit our local pubs, shops, markets, attractions and restaurants to experience the full diversity of the area.
  • Help us reduce, reuse and recycle
    • We all do it at home, why not do it on holiday too?
  • Switch off
    • We are doing our best to make our carbon footprint as small as possible. Why not join us by switching off lights etc when you no longer need them?
  • Leave nothing but footprints
    • …and know that you will be able to take away great memories from this and every visit.
  • Come back and see us again … and again .. and again
    • And introduce your friends to the local wonders of Moss Wood Caravan Park
Have you considered leaving the car on site and exploring the area by bike or on foot? By staying local (even if you do drive) you will be keeping your impact on the environment to a minimum!
Enjoy your time with us – and thank you for making a difference!
For more information about our environmental sustainability projects, click here.

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