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Moss Wood FAQs for Holiday Home Buyers

Purchasing a holiday home is an important decision, find the answers to your questions here.

Some questions and answers.

Tens of thousands of people enjoy the freedom of leisure home ownership on holiday parks in Britain. The caravan will be yours to enjoy throughout the year whenever the park is open – for both short breaks and longer stays. There’s no need to book ahead, and all your home comforts will be ready and waiting. But before you commit, it’s worth spending a few minutes understanding how holiday home ownership works, and what factors will help ensure that you’ll get the most out of your purchase in the years to come.

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may already be asking – and others you might be glad we mentioned!


How far afield should I look?

To get the most out of holiday home ownership, many people choose a park location no further than two or three hours’ drive from where they live.

When can I use my holiday home?

You can use your holiday home from March 1st to 31st October every year.

How can I tell if the park is right for me?

Visit several parks to get a feel for what’s on offer. If you wish, we would be happy for you  to talk to some existing owners  about their experience.

What influences the cost of a holiday home?

Prices for a caravan holiday homes vary due to age, size and location.

 How much will it cost?

At Moss Wood, you could pay as little as £10,000 for a luxury caravan holiday home. Higher  specification and new models are available at greater cost, up to around £80,000 – but even the most basic homes we offer provide superb quality standards and the promise of many years of carefree holiday enjoyment. The pitch fee for 2018 is £2,078.13 and runs from 1st January to 31st December. In addition to pitch fees you will need to budget for rates: for 2017 these were £224.84 for the year. Insurance is typically charged at around £6.70 per £1,000 (‘New for Old’ including 12% insurance premium tax) but you’re welcome to shop around. Electricity is metered, and gas bottle exchange and delivery is available on-site.

 What’s included in the advertised sale price?

The quoted price will almost invariably include all of the carpets, furnishings, kitchen appliances and other basic equipment. If buying new, there may be options such as double glazing, upgraded central heating or decking to consider.
Unless otherwise stated, all prices on our website and brochures include siting. (For convenience, our website and brochure definition of ‘siting’ includes pitch preparation, transport, and all service connections to the caravan, in addition to the siting itself.) Prices do not include annual pitch fees.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes – pets are very welcome at Moss Wood. Please keep them (especially dogs) under control though!

Can I smoke on the park?

You can smoke at Moss Wood, but at a safe distance from hazards such as gas canisters. We also ask that you consider other guests and make sure you bin your butts.

Does Moss Wood allow visitors?

Visitors are very welcome to come and see you at your holiday home and there is parking by reception available for them should they need it.

What parking are we allocated?

There is one parking space per caravan on site.

Can we have a BBQ on site?

Absolutely, when the weather allows for it! We do ask that you use a raised BBQ rather than one that sits directly on the grass, however.

How far is the beach?

The closest beaches to Moss Wood are Fluke Hall (6 miles away) and Knott End (8miles). From Knott End you can also get a ferry to Fleetwood, and from Fleetwood you could also get a tram directly to the Promenade at Blackpool.

Where are there places to go out to eat and drink?

There are a number of pubs nearby which do food and drinks – see here for more information about them. Garstang and Glasson Dock are both 5 miles away and have a range of places to go for food and drink, while Lancaster is just 8 miles from Moss Wood with a wide choice of restaurants, pubs and bars.

Where is the nearest supermarket?

The closest supermarket to Moss Wood is 5 miles away in Garstang, although there is also a small local shop in Pilling (4 miles away) and a small shop on the park which sells local produce and some essentials.

Where is the nearest cash machine?

The local shop at Pilling (4 miles away) is the nearest cash point. You can pay by card at our on-site shop.

Are children allowed on the park?

Yes! We have a park for them to play on and a whole field they can burn off their energy in!

Do you allow subletting of caravans?


Are friends and family permitted to use the site when the owner is absent?

Yes, we’re always happy for friends and family to stay on site even when the caravan owner is absent. This is subject to a maximum of five visits in any one season for non-family members.

Can I build a shed by my caravan?

Due to strict fire safety laws, unfortunately we cannot allow the building of sheds by caravans on site.

Can I build decking around my caravan?

Yes, although we need to approve any plans before they are built to ensure they pass safety standards.

Who guides the running on the park?

Syd Wild founded Moss Wood 40 years ago and the park is still run by Syd and his family today.

Have a look through our static caravans for sale if you’re interested, or get in touch if you have any further queries you might like answering.

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