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Willerby Avonmore 2018 loungeWillerby are well known for creating iconic static caravan holiday homes at the cutting edge of modern trends, taking their cues from well known high street names like John Lewis, Next and Laura Ashley. This leaves their caravans oozing with style, making them a holiday home to be proud of.

But it isn’t all about the looks. Willerby caravans are meticulously designed to ensure that you will be comfortable in your brand new holiday home, and with more than enough storage space cleverly woven into the design that you will be able to keep everything neat and tidy – even if you have the most determinedly messy children with you!

Willerby have a long and proud history of building caravans in the UK and are based in Yorkshire. Since their beginnings in 1946 they have grown and flourished, becoming the largest builder of holiday homes and lodges in the country today. Have a browse through the Willerby range today to see whether we might be able to order you your dream static caravan holiday home today. You can see more models at Westfield Caravans.

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