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Things to do in Lancaster

Historic City in the Heart of Lancashire County

Lancaster City HallLancaster is just 8 miles down the road from Moss Wood Caravan Park. Its a 20 minute direct drive or a leisurely bike ride or walk round the Lancashire Coastal Way footpath.

At the heart of the historic county of Lancashire, there is plenty to keep the avid sightseer happy. There are impressive buildings from Lancaster Castle to the City Hall, seen here on the left. In fact, you can take tours around both of these great buildings and let the guides fill you in on their history.

Lancaster – Historic City

The name ‘Lancaster’ comes from ‘Lon’ or the River Lune which the city sits on, and ‘Caster’ the Old English for fort. It is only appropriate then that much of the history of the city can be found around the castle, dating back as far as a Roman garrison around the 1st Century AD. The more modern history of the city is based around the Lune, as growing trade on the river brought prosperity as the industrial revolution began to bloom. While the port was only short lived due to the river becoming silted up, trade continued coming through other local ports such as Glasson Dock down the road.

Lancaster Castle is well worth a visit, particularly booking a guided tour as there is so much to see and discover about this fascinating monument to power and authority in the North of England. The history runs from the dim past and pivotal roles in power struggles, all the way to nearly the present day when the modern prison housed within the ancient walls closed in 2011. The castle recently received a grant to introduce Augmented Reality to the attraction – this now active and you can download the app here now!

Williamson Park LancasterBeautiful surroundings

If you tire of the historic buildings, there is always plenty of chance to visit some other spectacular attractions in Lancaster such as Williamson Park. The grounds of the park are stunning, with plenty of room to let the kids (or the dog!) run around. There are also the beautiful buildings such as Alexandria Tower in the centre of the park and the nearby mausoleum. If you really want a treat however, try out the butterfly house.

If all else fails, Lancaster is also a thriving city! If the mood takes you, you can take the day out to shop and unwind – either with or without taking in the sights of this great city!

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